Frost on the pumpkin

I don’t have any pumpkins this year for there to be frost on but, there sure is frost on my yard.  The weather channel comes up when I turn on my computer and it was 31 degrees this morning.  The prediction is for it to be 21 degrees warmer in the morning so, do we get out the wool sweaters yet, or what?  Actually, I have one on right now.  As I told you before I haven’t turned my main heat on yet and won’t until the weather quits fluctuating like it is.  I think it is a good day to take up the quarter round and base board in my bathroom and get ready to put down some new flooring.

Gas prices are down a little so I will probably take my empty 5 gallon cans and get them filled in preparation for the fall mowing.

I fixed my dogs a treat this morning.  My Mom used to fix what she called spoon bread.  She took self-rising cornmeal and  mixed in boiling water until it was thick enough to spoon into a skillet.  She didn’t salt it because, the cornmeal was salty already.  She fried them in cakes about 3 or 4 inches in diameter.  We ate a lot of beans when I was growing up and brown beans on this spoon bread was a real treat.  It was a fall/ winter thing.  My dogs love spoon bread as much as I do so, we had some this morning.  I had sorghum molasses on mine but, they had theirs plain.  I love my dogs.  I have several cats too but, I haven’t found “one” treat that they all like.  A couple of them don’t like fish.  Isn’t that crazy.

I have several days of work ahead of me to get my work shop back in order.  I had a sick cat (double surgery) that I put in there for about 3 weeks to recuperate and when she was well and I put her outside I was left with an infestation of fleas.  These were super fleas because I set off 4 bombs, not all the same brand or at the same time, had the exterminator to come and he sprayed 4 different times.  When there were still fleas in there he used an “industrial” bomb.  After all this there were still a few that would jump on me to greet me the minute I set foot in the door so, I used my last resource, diatomaceous earth.  It is a white powder that you sprinkle around and it kills unwanted insects and pests by dehydrating them  I went in my shop yesterday and didn’t get a flea greeting.

It is getting to be soup weather.  I think I may chop a bunch of veggies into a big pot and make some.  It is good the first time but, even better each time you warm it up and eat it again.  I hope you have a wonderful day and remember:  The character of a community is determined by each of its members.  Melanie

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