Gone Fishin’

Whew!! Talk about brisk air it was just plain chilly this morning.  My handicapped dog, Sandi, woke me up whimpering at the bedroom door early.  I got up, gathered my clothes and headed to the one warm room in my house, the bathroom.  I got dressed, grabbed a jacket, put her lead on her and opened the door.  If there had been a wind I would have called it cold but, there wasn’t.

I have gas heat in my house.  With the economy the way it is and everything going up, up, up, I just layer my clothes and don’t turn on the heat until  later in the season.  I do, however, turn on the heater in the bathroom about supper time and leave it on all night so I have a warm place to get dressed in the mornings.  I turn the heater off for the daylight hours.

Did you go fishing when you were younger?  My Father had a passion for the sport and he taught me.  At first he fished with a rod and reel but, later after I was grown, he changed to a fly rod.  His brother that lived in Ohio loved to fish too, he would come down and they would go to Kentucky Lake or Dale Hollow Lake.  Dad and I went to Coon Range Lake outside of Lewisburg.  Sometimes we fished from the bank and sometimes we used his flat-bottomed boat with a trolling motor.  I remember one time we were fishing from the shore and something hit my bait.  It was pulling hard and I was reeling and pulling right back.  I looked and there was grass and bushes that I was going to have to bring that fish through.  I thought, “I have to do something different or I am going to lose this fish”, so I stepped into the water and kept going until I could see my prize.  I reached down and grabbed the line just at the mouth and started coming out of the water.  I got to shore and my Dad was laughing really hard.  He said, “You weren’t going to let that one get away from you were you?” My prize was a 2 1/2 pound large mouth bass.  My times with my Dad are very precious to me.

I seem to have kept that determination my whole life.  Dad use to tell me that there were streets named after me, ‘One Way’.  I hope you have a glorious day and remember:  Experience enables us to make better, faster decisions only if we have learned from that experience.  Melanie

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