Heralding a new day

You walk out the door on a morning like this and it seems as though trumpeters should be blaring away telling you what a wonderful day they are announcing.  The air is clear with a bit of wood smoke wafting gently passed your nose. I used to have a fireplace in my house. I had a chainsaw and a pickup truck so in late summer my daughters and I would go to the woods and find trees that had fallen and begin the process of cutting them into logs and loading them into the truck.  Sometimes they were too large and needed to be split.  We also had an axe, wedge and sledge-hammer.  It was kind of fun as long as you were splitting one of the oaks that split fairly straight and easy but, then you get one that seems twisted and the wedge gets stuck inside and you get all frustrated and mad.  Then it’s not fun anymore, it’s work.

It’s good if you can get enough cut before it begins to snow.  That makes a difference where you go to gather.  It is beautiful to be in the woods when there is snow covering everything.  When you’re getting firewood you leave a mess on that beauty.  Not only that but, your hands and nose freeze.  It’s much nicer if you are enjoying a fire when it’s snowing rather than cutting wood.

What are you going to do today?  I may have to go to Bowling Green to pick up some windows I ordered to put on my back porch.  I will be going to Russellville to pay my farm taxes and pick up a few things from the grocery store.  I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy it to the fullest no matter what you are doing.  Remember: No matter how often you use the same brushes and paints, each canvas will be different.  Melanie

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