What a difference a day makes

Wow The temperature is 20 degrees cooler this morning.  We had some wind last night and I saw leaves fluttering to the ground.  If I had small children I would probably get the old rake and put the leaves all in a pile for the kids to jump into and scatter all over the place again.  Did you do that when you were little?  Isn’t it funny that when we are little we imagine all the things we will do when we get older and, when we get older we think of the things we did when we were little.  I still have one more time to mow so, I’ll leave the leaves down and mulch them when I mow that last time.  They are good fertilizer and their free.

Do you like to walk in the woods?  I do.  Do you seem to be too busy for things like that or, do you make the time?  It is well worth your time to walk in nature and, if you have one, take your camera along.  Have you ever seen the sunlight fall on a puddle at that golden hour of the day and make the water look like liquid gold?  I came upon this one and I felt so lucky that I had my camera to capture it so I can always remember how brilliant and beautiful it was.

Well, I guess I have rambled on enough for this day.  Whatever you do this weekend I hope it goes really well for you.  I hope you check in on my world again next week and we will see what is going on.  Remember:  Compassion is the soul of community.  Melanie

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