Damp cold weekend.

The weatherman is saying we are going to have a much colder weekend with periods of rain.  What does that conger up in your mind?  For me it gives me images of hot cocoa cooking on the stove.  Cocoa made the old way by mixing all the dry ingredients with just a little water over medium heat until it is all mixed and bubbling.   You slowly mix in the milk and cook on very low heat not to boil, stirring that wonderful aroma all through the kitchen.  You watch it as it swirls around the pan with each stir anxiously awaiting to pour it into your mug and let it slip between your lips and slide down your throat.  I love hot cocoa.  So it’s gonna rain, so what.  Think ‘Hot Cocoa”.

I recently bought a hunters blind at Tractor Supply.  I don’t hunt with a gun but, with a camera.  What better time to initiate my new blind than this weekend.  I know where there are some deer on my property and I would like to capture their magnificent images before they end up on someones table.  I don’t allow hunting on my place but, it still happens and, even with posting, I can’t seem to stop it.  I can take a thermos of hot cocoa.

I have been a chatter box today so I will leave you with this thought: The cheapest and most valuable gift is kindness.  Melanie

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