Autumn all around

Another gorgeous morning greeted me this morning as I went out the door.  The air is crisp and there is a fog hugging the ground, the kind of for that makes me want to walk through it and see what is hiding on the other side.  I truly love this time of the year.

I have a pool of kitties by my front door every morning wanting their breakfast.  I have a shy kitty that lives on the back porch.  I put his food in the dish but, I have to pick him up and love on him a little before he will eat.  Yes, he is spoiled and I did it but, that is another story.  I love animals.My daughters have nicknames for each other.  My photo today is one of my llamas that is named Sissy Belle after my daughters.

I hope you get to be outside for a time today and enjoy this glorious beauty. Remember:  When we give of ourselves we gain the most.  Melanie

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